Let it be..

I've been chewed up by the devil and spit back out. God didn't want me either. That means I've got a purpose; you wouldn't understand. - me

23 years young - basically married - unfortunately in Arizona

I'm not someone that can be easily described. I love the solitude and simplicity of the country but can easily survive on the tough streets of the city. I enjoy doing my makeup and getting ready to go out to the club and go dancing, but absolutely love going dirt biking, horse riding and camping. I don't mind getting dirty but I definitely clean up nice. I'm confident, driven, and I've got goals I'll accomplish. I've got a lot of life ahead of me and I'm done wasting the precious time I have left. If you don't like me or my blog, don't follow it. If you don't agree with me, keep it to yourself. Blogs are supposed to be a place to let loose, escape, post what you enjoy and write what's on your mind without being attacked and judged. If you're looking for drama you've come to the wrong place. I won't take any part in it and would much rather ignore you than stoop down to your level. Enjoy... or don't.

Click here for a list and description of my other blogs and websites for my animal rescue.

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