Let it be..

I've been chewed up by the devil and spit back out. God didn't want me either. That means I've got a purpose; you wouldn't understand.

Animals, flowers, landscapes, the world, guns, cars, the country, luxury, graffiti and tattoos. That's a taste of what you'll find here on my blog. No one label could describe me. I'm a country girl who can survive on the city streets. I'm girly but love to rough it in the outdoors. I enjoy the luxurious life but adore the solitude of the forestry. I am me and I wouldn't stop for anybody; and you shouldn't either. I'm 22, basically married and unfortunately stuck in Arizona for the time being. Enjoy.

Bored? Check out these links! Please follow my animal rescue blog and please like my rescue's facebook. It helps more than you know! I have a blog for ranting & news, and for animal addicts, for dogs viewed wrongfully, for my photography, and even my cats have their own blog. My basically husband finally started one too!

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